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Large Companies

"We've been using Právní překlady, s.r.o. for quite some time, as they are a professional and reliable provider of legal translations. Above all, we appreciate their timely delivery of translations at the desired quality for a reasonable price."

PhDr. Barbora Černá Dvořáková Spokersperson Arcelor Mittal Ostrava a.s.

"For some time now S u b t e r r a  a.s. has been using the translation services of Právní překlady, s.r.o. We value their highly professional and accommodating attitude, their communicativeness, and the high quality they bring to our assignments. We are pleased to recommend the translation services of this company."

Ing. Jiří Nový Head of Contract Management Subterra a.s.

"In our collaboration with Právní překlady we particularly value their speed, their willingness to help, and their reliability in our company's translations. Thanks to the high quality of their translations of legal and economic texts, we are now in our fourth year as customers of Právní překlady."

Jana Botková Deputy Director of Bids and Proposals OHL ŽS a.s.

Medium-Sized Companies

"Technical English requires a special knowledge and a technical spirit, otherwise the translations end up
as nonsense. That's why we use Právní překlady - we've had the best experience with them. They always select the right translator with the right experience. The results speak for themseleves."

Ing. Aleš Grof Regional Manager Savaterra Oy

"Thank you for a truly brilliant translation. Please thank the translator on my behalf, and I would love for her to work on my next jobs as well, she is truly amazing."

Mgr. Klára Labalestra Attorney STUDENÁ - LABALESTRA, Law and Patent Office


"I'm studying abroad in England and I needed to translate my birth certificate and diploma into English with a certified seal. I was very surprised to receive the completed translation immediately the next day, and at a good price. I can truly recommend Právní překlady!"

Hana Bláhová Prague 1

"The day before Christmas we discovered at the records office that in order to get married we would need to translate our birth certificates and our proof of marital eligibility. My husband is a foreigner. Právní překlady saved our wedding, because they achieved the impossible by providing certified translations of all our documents into French, even during the holidays."

Ing. Petra Boháčková Rajhrad

"Shortly before my departure for a meeting in Munich, I discovered that I would need a certified translation of a contract. The contract was 7 pages long. In desperation I called Právní překlady, s.r.o., and I couldn't believe it ... they managed to translate the contract into German, seal and all, in just a few hours. Thank you!"

Ing. František Štastný, MBA Prague 8